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Question?  Do most men think that women who have shaved pubic hair, a shaved pussy or shaved pussy lips, shaved pussy hair, shaved vagina, shaved pubes and a clean shaven pubic area is sexy or sexier than unshaved pubic hair.

Question?  Do most women think that men who have shaved pubic hair, a shaved cock, shaved penis or shaved balls, and a clean shaven pubic area is sexy or sexier than unshaved pubic hair.

Answer: Although we know of no definitive studies on these questions, common sense and personal experience tend to say yes to both questions.

The answer is most often affirmative for those who practice oral sex for both atheistic and practical reasons. A shaved or trimmed pubic area is an absolute must on several fronts. For one thing, a shaved pubic area, both looks and feels sexier and eliminates the worry about gagging on a stray pubic hair. Most people like the sensation of licking skin; however, most people do not like the sensation of licking hair.

Some people prefer a completely shaved look and others prefer a close trim and increasing numbers of women trim their public area in different designs such as the shape of a Deep Cut V or a Heart Shape and many other innovative designs. Some like to just leave a tiny wisp of pubic hair.

For men, a shaved pubic area is a definite plus for the woman in his life during oral sex because straggling public hairs definitely tend to get in the way and many women definitely prefer the look and feel of clean shaven cock and balls. A hairless penis also definitely looks bigger even if that is not the most important thing, but it is still a nice touch.

Here is what John had to say:

"I do know from personal experience that most women actually like a man shaved down below. I think most dominant women prefer it that way and some make it a condition of performing fellatio or oral sex. I am shaved ever since my latest lover insisted upon it. I was reluctant at first, but figured it can always grow back in. Many women about who I have met since, all love my new shaved look. They like the soft skin feel and when going down don't have pubic hair stuck in their face. It also makes your cock look bigger. When you urinate you don't have pubic hair falling into the urinals, and no chance of hair getting caught in your zipper. Yes it is a definite plus to be shaved and I would say that most women would run from neutral to fantastic on this issue."

There are so many tastes, likes and dislikes, that you will absolutely not please everyone. Different people have different tastes and vastly different desires.   Clearly,  the most important thing is what your partner likes and you do not change that to please other people. However we have to mention that from the standpoint of oral sex, most men like a total or partially shaved pubic area because hardly anyone likes pubic hair in their mouth.

DITTO for women.. they don't like pubic hair in their mouth either

On the other hand, some women do not like a completely shaved cock and pubic hair area on a man and instead would just prefer a nice trim.


Pubic hair shaving is not an uncommon desire. A shaved genital area makes oral sex much more pleasant. Also, many men are definitely more turned on by the sight of neatly trimmed or smoothly shaved pussy. For many men, a shaved pussy is extremely erotic, and looks very provocative. And of course, a shaved pussy looks different. It is silky, inviting and often seems more than just sexy... A shaved pussy seems to be asking for oral sex. Plus, there is probably no man that likes pubic hair in his mouth.

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So, shaving or trimming the pubic area is usually a BIG PLUS for both men and women in pumping up their sex life and nothing does it better and safer than the Bikini Love Shaver.




Shaving Instructions:

The Bikini Love Shaver is a "stubble hair" shaver. It is important to remember that the Bikini Love Shaver is not designed to shave longer hairs. That is the job of the Bikini Love Trimmer and you can use any type of trimmer for that purpose.

Shaving is not permanent hair removal and of course the hair will grow back. There is always a risk that constant shaving will create irritation or the formation of bumps. With ordinary shavers, this is a definite risk but this risk is highly minimized with the Bikini Love Shaver because of it's unique design and gentle shaving approach.

After close shaving, tiny hairs and the dreaded stubble will inevitably pop up. This stubble itches and it does not feel good to either party. This is where the Bikini Love Shaver has a big advantage. Because it can shave so close, but so gently, it can be used more frequently then normal shavers without risk of irritation.



That is up to you. Either shave it all the hair off for that total smooth skin look or use your imagination and design your pubic hair the way how you like it or how your partner would like it.

If you pubic hair is long, trim it first with scissors or with the Bikini Love Trimmer, or any trimmer of your choice. At those specific places where you want to shave, take off as much hair as possible with the scissors or trimmer. That will make the Bikini Love razor's job that much easier. VERY IMPORTANT: After trimming you should also take a shower or a bath. The warm water will soften up the pubic hair. THEN, before using the close work Bikini Shaver, sprinkle the completely dry area with talcum powder or baby powder as this will enhance the shavers ability to give you a smooth, close shave.

If you have sensitive skin, you should apply medicated shaving lotion after the shave. It will keep your skin smooth and prevent bumps. When your skin starts to feel itchy or you start to feel the little stubble develop, its time to shave again, but with the Bikini Love Shaver, it is a completely painless and enjoyable experience. AND

Shaving can be sexy fun. You can do it with your partner. The easiest and best way, is to lay back and relax, spread you legs as far apart as possible so you can to give your partner the best view and total access. The result can be very erotic for both partners!!!   
Bon Appetit!
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